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It’s important to use tmux to run time-consuming scripts on remote servers, especially when they are critical and/or my internet connection is not very reliable - at least, that’s my main reason for using tmux. Below is a minimal cheat sheet for my own usage.

  • Create new session
$ tmux new -s session_name
  • Logout of current session:

Ctrl + b; d

  • Terminate or kill current session:

Ctrl + d

  • Enable scrolling / navigating in current session:

Ctrl + b; [

  • Navigating:

Ctrl + Page Up / Page Down / Up / Down and q to quit scrolling session

  • Terminate or kill a session:
$ tmux kill-session -t session_name
  • List all active sessions:
$ tmux ls
  • Attach a session:
$ tmux attach -t session_name

Happy tmux-ing!